2020- Pandemic Reflections

Have you taken any time this year to reflect on what has happened this year? 

I am spending 24X7 at home-   work from home, commute to my kitchen  or my patio for my work day.  What have I learned?

I’ve learned that living and working in the same place is hard.  I have to close my computer and put my “office” completely away so that I don’t continue to work.  It is hard not only because there is no time to decompress after work, but because we are glued to our screens for meetings.   There is no time between meetings to get up, close your computer and walk to the meeting.  That lack of movement is not healthy.  I try to end my meetings early so that I can get up and walk around my home for a few minutes before the next meeting.   I also block out time on my calendar to workout during lunch.   It could just be a Yoga with Adrien YouTube video- but it is movement or meditation.

I’ve learned that at I am blessed to still be working.   I have friends and family who were laid off or furloughed.   I say this everyday:   “What a blessing that I have the ability to continue to work from home during this pandemic.”  I am very blessed.

I have learned to treasure my husband, my two little dogs.   I see them every day 24X7 and have learned that when I leave for work every day, my husband cleans the house, plans dinner, does our shopping and upkeeps the house.   My puppies have learned to hang out on either side of me and be my work buddies.

I have learned to treasure the friends and family that I do not see every day.   My husband and I are making the effort to call them or do a zoom session to say hello.  We did quick drive bys to drop off home made masks for some of our family members.  We’ve physical distanced in our backyard on the four corners of the patio and shared a glass of wine.  We have scheduled a physically distanced walk in the park or a phone call or a meet up at a restaurant patio.

We have made our backyard an Eden- we added some annuals for additional color, added a bird bath and ensured that the backyard bird feeders are filled so that we can bird watch and enjoy the chipmunks, squirrels and bunnies that come our way, too.  We have done more work around the house for upkeep as well.  Treasuring what we have has made the stay at home orders easier.  

Enjoying the hobbies we are able to do and taking up new ones.  My husband has continued to golf – social distancing from the beginning.   I’ve been working on getting the dogs out for walks and tracking out walking spots.  My herb garden has gotten more intense and the dehydrater is already working 24X7.  Canning in the fall is going to be fun!  I’ve also added a tumbling composter and have two buckets for bokashi composting. 

Trying to make lemonade out of lemons. 

With my relationships, I’ve been appreciative of the relationships I have and enjoying those people I am spending my time.   I’m making an effort to reach out technologically with those who are further away.  I am relishing and enhancing my space so that I am able to enjoy it more and I’m working on my hobbies even more.    What are you doing during this time of stay at home orders?