Why are we calling ourselves the bubbly canaries?

Did you ever hear of the canary in the coalmine?   A caged canary is placed in a coalmine as an indicator of poisonous gasses or lack of oxygen in the coalmine.   The canary is  the “early indicator” of poisons to humans and we believe that we, those hyper sensitive individuals are akin to the canary in the coalmine.  Those people who are so sensitive that they must constantly keep their homes free of dust and themselves away from all of their allergens.   In other words, they must keep themselves in a bubble.   So instead of the canary in the coalmine, this page is about the canaries in the bubble.  I am a hypersensitive person who is searching for my version of normal.

Going back to the canary in the coalmine-   if you are over 40 how many of your friends growing up were allergic to peanuts?   How many of your friends had gluten or peanut sensitivities?   How many had allergies?   Something is definitely happening in our environment-  is it the chemicals in our food?   Is it that our bodies haven’t been able to adapt to the these changes?   This is my opportunity to invite you to learn about my journey and explore some of these questions.  In addition, this blog allows me to explore normal and will touch on all aspects of life and my passions-   work, home, gardening.