Composting food waste was one of the first ways that I started doing in order to reduce waste from my kitchen and to also reduce my spending on purchasing compost to add to my gardens each year.   For all of our food waste, we compost with worms.   A pint of red wrigglers and a some kitchen waste is all that was needed to get started.   After a few months, I was able to start using the compost in my garden!   What a great way to ensure that my trash has less in it each day and that my garden grows well.

My husband calls my worms— my pets, as I have a tendency to treat them as I treat my pets!   I feed them every day and have to make sure that during the winter- they are warm enough to continue eating.  I now have two bins  that are from the Worm Factory.  My husband created an insulated area in the garage that allows my worms to continue composting throughout the Ohio cold winters.   I’ve been able to keep two bins going for a quite a few years and the fruits of those bins have been helping my gardening each year.

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